Can you spell this word D_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

We had a blast having a chat with Mebournian's and asking them to spell dietitian. It proved to be a challenge!

According to the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA) the spelling of the word has been a long-standing matter for dietitians! Did you know that the spelling of “dietitian” has been adopted since1967!

​The misspelling of dietitian spelled with a “c” has become more common with the use of computer spell-check systems. As an example, Microsoft spell-check only use to recognises the variant of dietitian with a ‘c’. However after being bombarded by angry dietitians, newer versions of spell check should now recognise the correct spelling. Additionally, the Marriam-Webster Dictionary has updated its dictionary favouring "dietitian" as the most preferred way to spell the word.

Below is the official entry in the Marriam-Webster Dictionary for 2015:

Main Entry: di·e·ti·tian Variant(s): or di·e·ti·cian Function: noun Date: circa 1846 Definition: a specialist in dietetics

Top 10 ways to spell dieitian WRONG!

1. Dietician

2. Dieticion

3. Dietition

4. Diatician

5. Dietitician

6. Diatitionist

7. Dietitianist

8. Dietetion

9. Dietation

10. Deitition

As I'm no pronouncer, I may have spelt the word "Melbournian's"