I love my curvy body

I love hearing about the personal experiences of how women and men have learnt to love the body that they are in now. This is such a big move towards caring for oneself because, if you hate the person looking back at you then caring for that person becomes very difficult.

Read on for Connie Anne 's journey towards body positivity.

3 years ago, I torn my groin from hyper extension and not activating the right muscles. I was told that I wouldn't be able to train and might have needed an operation. I couldn't train for over a year and I'm not a person who could sit around and do nothing. I watched a lot of YouTube videos on these amazing women (pole dancers) who could do phenomenal stuff with their bodies and I was so in awe and inspired. I wanted to be that girl who could dance and hang from a pole with just one ankle.

I started dancing with Pole Divas in January this year. Pole dancing is by far the most

challenging thing I have ever done in my life. In a class full of women, I learned to appreciate that everyone has a different, unique body and that I was curvy and no matter how much I trained my body will always be curvy. I love my curvy body and developed strength I never thought I would have. I've challenged my body in ways I didn't think I could and most importantly learnt to understand my own inner and outer strength. Pole dancing has taught me to have fun, listen to my body, take care of it and most importantly love my body.