3 Food Myths Busted By High Street Nutritionist

I spoke to Thats Armadale to bust a few food myths! Myth #1: Coconut oil is the healthiest oil

Coconut oil seems to be the hype of the moment right now. People are adding it to their beauty treatment and many people suggest replacing common cooking oils with coconut oil as a healthier option... but it's not. "There is no health benefit associated with coconut oil," says Daniela. "Coconut oil consists of 90 percent saturated fat. Although studies have shown that coconut oil is better than butter, it is definitely not better than general canola oil or olive oil." So save your money on expensive coconut oils and stick to the trusted oils in your pantry.

Myth #2: Legumes are toxic

A food term that has been on a lot of lips recently is definitely paleo, with My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans being heavily criticized for the controversial diet. One thing believers of paleo suggest is to avoid legumes because they say they would be toxic. "People think legumes contain so called "anti-nutrients"," Daniela says, and she admits there is some truth to the myth: "Legumes like red kidney beans can be toxic when they're raw, but the thing is that we never eat legumes raw anyway. We cook them or we soak them overnight. When you buy canned beans you don't need to do anything to them." Moreover, legumes are actually very good for you. "Recent study has actually shown that diets high in grains and legumes have been associated with healthy weight as well as heart health." So eating plenty of beans and lentils is okay - is anyone else suddenly craving chilli sin carne?

Myth #3: Fructose turns to fat

I couldn't believe it when Daniela told me some people are actually discouraged to eat fruit because they believe it will make them fat. "Some people think if they eat too much fruit, because there's fructose in there, it's just going to turn straight to fat" she says, but again, that's not actually the case. "Fructose will first turn to glucose, which your body uses as an energy source, and only if that glucose isn't used, will your body turn it to fat." But there's no need to cut these natural nutrients from your diet. "Too much of anything will turn to fat, but fructose doesn't likely turn to fat. Eating two serves of fruit a day is recommended."